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Josef Holzmann, „Gutshof Fislroida“, 4716 Hofkirchen, Schallbach 7, Austria

4. – 5. September 2021

Interessante Seminare

Tierhaltenovelle für mehr Sicherheit in Wien

ACHTUNG an neue/werdende Hundebesitzer in Wien – Sachkundenachweis für die Halterinnen und Halter aller Hunde: Wer sich nach dem 1. Juli 2019 einen Hund anschafft und in den letzten beiden Jahren keinen Hund gehalten hat, muss einen Sachkundenachweis absolvieren »

Tierhaltenovelle für mehr Sicherheit in Wien

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artgerechte und professionelle Pflege aller Rassen, entspannte und stressfreie Pflege, Hand trimmen von Griffon Bruxellois/Belge und entfilzen bei Havanesern

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Gasthaus Goldener Hirsch
Hirschstettner Strasse 83
1220 Wien
(Parking Lot behind the Restaurant)


The Havanese breed belongs to the group of Bichons. Some related breeds are Maltese and Bolognese, which are ancient dog breeds. It is believed that the ancestors of the Havanese came with Italian ships to Cuba.

The Havanese are exceptionally intelligent and with their alert curiosity are very easily trained. With their open nature and irresistible charm, they win every heart in an instant. Havanese are very bright, loving and cheerful. They are playful, so are highly recommended for families with children. The Havanese adapt their behavior and exercise requirement needs to their owners. They can redraw quietly and on the other side like to romp and are sporty.

In earlier times the Havanese were encountered in many travelling theatres and also in circuses. They probably still have a bit of “actor’s character,” in their blood.

The Havanese is not subject to seasonal shedding. Regular combing and brushing will give them their beautiful, silky appearance.

Size: 21 – 29 cm
Weight: 4 to 9 kg
Life expectancy: 12 to 15 years